Women's Health and Fertility

The Healing With Acupuncture Clinic specializes in treating women’s health issues, particularly problems of infertility and irregular menstruation. I have developed a unique treatment protocol that aims to:

● Regulate the menstrual cycle within 3-6 months

● Facilitate conception within 6-12 months

Unlike the treatments offered by many naturopathic and conventional medicine practitioners, the treatment protocol that I have developed is based exclusively on the use of acupuncture and moxibustion. Patients are not prescribed herbal medicines or dietary supplements of any kind and are therefore spared both the expense and the potential risk of side effects that arise with their use.

The acupuncture treatment protocol that I have developed is both safe and highly effective. Patients are asked to come just once each week for a 60-70 minute session. Changes and improvements to the menstrual cycle should begin to appear within 6-8 weeks (or 1-2 cycles).

Because this treatment protocol is based exclusively on the use of acupuncture and moxabustion, it will not conflict with any other medical fertility therapies that one is currently receiving. Patients who are already under the supervision of a medical fertility specialist, are taking hormonal supplements, preparing for IVF or a surgical procedure, can add acupuncture as a true complement to these other forms of medical care without fear that the acupuncture will in any way interfere with them.