What to Expect From a Treatment

An acupuncture treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. A first appointment may take up to 90 minutes and will include an initial consultation, traditional diagnosis (examination of the pulse, tongue and abdomen) and the formulation of an individualized treatment plan.

A typical acupuncture treatment will involve the insertion of five to fifteen needles. For some conditions the treatment may be divided into two parts, the first with the patient lying on his or front, and the second lying on his or her back. In some cases the patient may be treated while seated in a regular chair or upright massage chair.

When a needle is first inserted a patient may experience a slight stinging sensation. This sensation lasts for just a few seconds and then quickly fades. Typically one has little or no awareness of the needles during the treatment or when the needles are removed.

A patient will usually lie down with the needles for 30 minutes. Acupuncture is very calming and it is common for people to shift into a deep state of relaxation or even sleep while the needles are in. At the end of a treatment a patient may feel fatigued and it is therefore advisable not to plan anything too demanding immediately following a treatment. It is advisable to eat something about an hour before the treatment to minimize the feeling of fatigue after the treatment.